Our Claims and Promises

You may, at any time, cancel or close your membership portal without exception. We do NOT sell or share your information with any third party or entity PERIOD.

We want you and your family to benefit from this content and create better college plans than you might have on your own. We want you to have access to the same insights our private clients have. We want you to have a great experience and enjoy crafting your college plans.


Pivotal College Years CANNOT and does NOT make any claims or guarantees that your student will be admitted into any college or other institution. College Admissions acceptance rates vary each academic year along with Admissions criteria and are dependent upon the student's course rigor, GPA, class rank, testing scores, character, essay(s), recommendations, community service, continued good grades and other criteria. Our service will help the student present their candidacy in the best possible way to help increase the likelihood of being admitted, but we cannot guarantee outcomes.

Pivotal College Years is NOT a scholarship search company. PCY does NOT guarantee that a student will be awarded scholarships, institutional scholarships, or any other types of scholarships. Our services include guidance on searching for scholarships, how to win scholarships and workshops to train students/parents on scholarship searching, deadlines, and information. We CANNOT, in any way, guarantee that you will be awarded any type of scholarship. Please review the Federal Trade Commission's website on Scholarship Scams at: www.FTC.gov/ScholarshipScams.

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