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Whether you are a Student, Parent, or Educator looking for quality virtual support in uncertain times, Pivotal College Years is making the College Planning Portal for Families FREE to EVERYONE. EVERYTHING you need for college planning in one place. *Valid until 12/31/20

What's Inside of the College Planning Portal?

Take a quick tour of our (1:40 Minutes) and see inside of the College Planning Portal and learn about some of the benefits parents, students and educators can enjoy! See how you can start building a bright future today with expert guidance.


College Planning Instantly!

Join the Pivotal College Years community today and start saving Time, Money, and Stress! Get started customizing your college plans today. Inside the portal, you will have access to proven admissions strategies, as well as the support and resources needed to build a bright future for yourself or your college-bound students.

ChangED is On A Mission...

To make student loan debt repayment effective and pain-free through the empowerment of everyday decisions.

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College Planning for Professionals

Whether you are an HR professional trying retain and attract talent or a Financial Advisor helping their clients plan for college, the Pivotal College Years, College Planning Portal for Families can help! Learn how to gain access to Professional Level access today!

HR Benefits

If you are a Human Resource professional or Small Business owner, then you understand the importance of attracting and retaining top talent.  In today's employment market is crucial that your hiring professionals understand the significance of offering College Planning benefits and the impact on your general workforce, as well as for Executive and Key employees. 

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Financial Professionals

The Elephant is the 1.5 Trillion in college debt. With over 44 Million borrowers in college debt, your clients are either headed for college debt, creating college debt, or supporting someone with college debt. If you do not address college debt with your clients properly, these clients will be reaching for their managed investments to fill the college debt hole!

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