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College planning shouldn't be complicated or intimidating! That's why we've designed a simple and affordable learning experience to elevate your college planning journey into something everyone can enjoy! Just $12 per Month.

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With our LIVE Community, 70+ Step-by-Step videos, and 20+ Downloadables you have the guidance needed at your fingertips. Explore how parents can become the coach their student needs and achieve the personalized results you can be proud to share.

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AAA Northeast Members Free

AAA Northeast Members enjoy FREE access to the College Planning Portal in minutes. Take advantage of the 70+ short videos led by experienced College Planners. Download 20+ Graphs, Guides, Templates, and more. Enjoy our NEW 180-page College Planning Workbook!



Look no further for the tools, guidance, and insider tips you've been seeking. Learn ways to increase MERIT Aid, evaluate if your Family should submit a Financial Aid Appeal and learn about tuition discounts. 



We have professionally developed timelines, checklists, and tools that will delight your family. Download templates and even read winning college essays!





Instructor-led modules are available throughout each category. In addition, professionally developed college lists, workbooks and application samples are available for download. 


HR Professionals & Associations

Today, attracting and retaining employees, members and customers requires organizations to offer what individuals need. Planning and funding college is now one of the top stressors individuals encounter at home and work. Pivotal College Years college planning portal assists families before, during and after college. Providing the peace of mind everyone needs to stay focused.


Financial Professionals

The Elephant in the office, is the 1.5 Trillion in college debt. With over 44 Million borrowers in college debt, your clients are either headed for college debt, creating college debt, or supporting someone with college debt. If you do not address college debt with your clients properly, these clients will be reaching for their managed investments to fill the college debt hole!


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