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Pivotal College Years is disrupting the industry again, with its workbook that shares admissions, college funding, and financial aid trade secrets. Developed in collaboration with New England's top College Planners, the only "Workable, Workbook" available for College Planning. 

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Chapter 2 Features:


  • Assessing your Ability to Pay
  • Required vs. Recommended High School Courses
  • Testing Strategies, SAT, ACT, AP Exams and more
  • Standing  Out
  • Academic Competition List

Chapter 5 Features:

  • The Primary Essay
  • Winning Essay Examples with Student Profiles
  • Essay Brainstorming Activities
  • Supplemental Essays
  • Word Lists

Chapter 8 Features:


  • Types of Scholarships
  • How Test Scores Impact Scholarships Chart
  • Organizations that Award Scholarships
  • Scholarships Question Form
  • How to Search for Scholarships
  • Regional Tuition Options