About Us

Pivotal College Years launched the College Planning Portal for Families and the College Debt Portal for Professionals in June 2018.  

The Pivotal College Years' portals are a culmination of exceptional results achieved by our private practice in New England, College Advisors NE. We have captured our proven methodology of developing customized college plans within this portal, which contains short videos, downloadable guides, quizzes, surveys, and access to our interactive College Planning Community and experts.

Over the years, we have been through many college planning cycles with our clients. It is always rewarding in the end, BUT getting there can feel overwhelming without experienced guidance. The typical college planning timeline starts in December of 11th grade and runs until July of 12th grade. There are many ups and downs along the way, and knowing what is ahead can be crucial to success.

Our 360o College Visionary Team

Our Core Team is composed of several highly dedicated professionals that have been collaborating since 2006. Their journeys have taken them in many directions over the years, but their professional experience, integrity, and passion have always led them back to the Pivotal College Years project.

Shelley Honeycutt

Shelley Honeycutt started her career in the 1990's and has over 24 years of planning experience. She has worked for two prominent Universities in Massachusetts. She went on to work for a Federal and Private lender, Federal Guarantee Agency serving Northeastern colleges, and then managed the AAA Student Lending Program for AAA of the Northeast 2006-2010.

In 2010, Shelley launched her first college planning company. Over the years, she coached Financial Planners to revive and expand their practices rapidly. Her method is incredibly non-conventional, proven, and masterfully simple.

Cathleen Dionne

Cathleen has been working in higher education for over 19 years. Cathleen has held positions in Admissions, Financial Aid, Career Services, and Education for colleges and universities on the east and west coasts. She understands the complete student journey of choosing a major, applying, and earning a degree. She fully understands the hard work and perseverance necessary to graduate and land the job of your dreams. Because of this, she provides dynamic and comprehensive support to students in all these areas.

Our Holistic College Planning Philosophy:

 Our approach to college planning is unique and requires a commitment to continuous industry education. We have sat on every side of the "college equation" and solved the issues facing everyday families. We have chosen this approach and remain committed to a holistic approach because any other method can cause life-long negative implications for the families that we serve. College Planning in a vacuum that does not take into consideration financial aid formulas, aid policies, parental financials, college's award history, testing strategies, admissions leverage strategies, financial aid appeal experience, college funding experience, tax strategies, and long-term financial planning concepts will produce subpar results.