College Debt Learning Portal

Start transforming your practice today with our proven blueprint for offering College Debt Services and more. Learn how to Revive old clients, attract new clients and create trust with ease. We have perfected the methodology and will reveal ALL the secrets and insights during your online training experience.
Learn how to implement 3 NEW lines of Income with our Blueprint for success!

Online Training Includes:

- 6 Quick Start Lessons: includes role play and case studies. Allow Professionals to learn how to conduct meetings, handle questions, present solutions and implement follow up protocol.

- 4 Advanced Lessons: includes role play and case studies. Focus on Jumbo loans, Debt shifting, College Debt Forgiveness Options, Student Loan Default Resolutions, Wage Garnishment and more.

- Map out customized Blueprint to create 3 NEW lines of income with ease. Identify product seasons based on your clientele's needs and demographics.

- BONUS Training: College Funding and how to save any family money and ADD another NEW Income Line!

-New Topics every month, interactive professional community and access to college experts.

Office Support Documents Include:

- Downloadable forms
- Pricing Formula
-Pre-Meeting emails
- Debt Plan Templates
- Follow-Up Protocol
- File Docs Client/Office

Be the HERO your clients deserve and delight them with your expert knowledge about their college concerns and provide sound solutions that encourage them to refer your services like MAD! Start transforming your practice and STOP the multiple meetings, endless email, and trading your time for money.